Your chance to participate in SERM2013!

As some of you may have heard already, LC BOKU is organising the SERM (Southern European Regional Meeting) this year from April 28 to May 5.

We thought that Corporate design fertig rgbSERM might also interesting for people from BOKU so we opened some of the events for BOKU students.
To check out which program points you can attend and to register, please click HERE!

There is a chance that students from BOKU can attend the whole SERM if any places become available. So please also tell us in the application form if you would be interested!
For all information on SERM, please check the SERM2013 Homepage and the Facebook page!

We would also like to inform you about another international event which will take place soon: The 27th traditional forestry competition – Forestry Versatility from April 15-20 organised by our neighbors in Brno, Czech Republic.
One team (4 people, at least one girl) per University can participate. It is great fun and it would be great to have a team from BOKU there, so please consider applying! 🙂

To stay up-up-date on all upcoming IFSA events please check the “Events 2013” page!


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