Get involved!

On June 10, the General Assembly of IFSA BOKU will take place. The General Assembly is also the time to elect our new board.
We would love to have some of our newer members on the board, to get fresh ideas!
Below you find the descriptions of all available positions. Some positions mean more work, some less, but all of them offer the great opportunity to gain more insight into the activities within the LC and actively influence what we will be doing (special events etc.)!

If you think about running for one of the positions and have any questions, you can always ask! Post a comment here or in the Facebook Group, write an E-mail to or simply bombard any of us with questions whenever you see us! 😉

The keeper of this position represents the LC. You will get to know every aspect of the
LCʻs working fields and will be involved to certain extend in them. If you like to make
decisions, this is the right job for you! The most important part is however create the
continuity and the central theme within the LC for the IFSA-year.

As Vice-President your main task is the internal coordination of the local committee (LC),
you are also the substitute for the President in case of his/her absence. That means you
are the main contact person for Boku students and members for matters concerning IFSA
at the Boku.
Some of your specific tasks are the organization of meetings and the maintainence of
contact to our members and interested people. This job requires reliability, organizational
capability and good communication skills, your main partner on the board is the president.

As secretary your job is to record in writing all important things which are discussed during LC-meetings. You should attend all meetings to keep the minutes and put them into the dropbox, so all members of the board can look at them and remember their duties and coming events. Important correspondences should be printed as other basic informations. As a secretary you get an overview of all the crazy things going on in the LC and help the board to stay organized!

Vice Secretary

(Event Organization and maintenance of social networks)
If you are good at organizing things you should go for this position! You are planning,
advertising and realizing all kinds of IFSA LC Boku events, for example hiking trips,
excursions or picnics, sometimes also with international guests. You will work together with the rest of the board and other helping hands from LC Boku to realize these events.

The Treasurer is responsible for all money-related matters. As treasurer you manage the
bank account and document the financial status of the local committee. You are also
responsible for managing membership fees and in case of any special events participation
fees and sponsoring money.

Vice Treasurer
If you want to get an insight of what’s going on at the board and help out sometimes (not
only the treasurer but the whole board if help is needed) you should go for this position!
You don’t have to do so much at all but you can find out how the board is organized. This
position is ideal for new members who want to become actively involved.



  1. […] Please also don’t forget that the Generaly Assembly of LC BOKU will be happening soon – June 13 is the new date (we apologise for the change of date, more information will follow by E-mail). During the General Assembly we will also chose the new board for the next year. We would love to have some of the newer members on the board! If you’re thinking about running for one of the positions, you can find information about all of them HERE! […]


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