Upcoming Event: Hiking in the Wienerwald with Dylan

One of our dear members, Dylan, who is a passionate hiker and explorer, is organising a  great hiking event!
We really recommend  joining this, it will be a great adventure and you will see how beautiful the forest can be, even so close to the city.

This is Dylan’s invitation:

Hey IFSA’s!!

I would very much like to invite you to join me for a (longish) hike through our magnificent Wienerwald on Sunday, 10th of November! The plan is to start at Nussdorf and go up into the forest and then around to the 14th district. Good exercise and some great views of the city!!

Shortly before the end we will have some food and drinks at the hotel Sophienalpe before hiking down to Hadersdorf where we can get the S-Bahn.

In total it should take about 5-6 hours so also bring something small to eat! Of course the forest is outdoors so make sure to bring warm clothes, rain protection (I’ll be going regardless of the weather!) and some good cheer!

Meeting point is Nussdorf Beethovengang (end stop of the D tram) at 9 am!

Looking forward to seeing you!!


P.S.  Please also fill out the Doodle http://www.doodle.com/wfs3k2w68emwr8nn so I can know the number of people for the table at the Sophienalpe. I am going to reserve it on WEDNESDAY 30th so please tick the box by then if you are coming 🙂


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