Wilderness Retreat 2013

IFSA LC BOKU decided to contribute to the European Forest Week by organizing a wilderness retreat December 13th to 15th in Southern Burgenland, Austria.
After organizing SERM this year in May, we needed some more IFSA quality time together. Our goal was to share a cozy weekend with IFSA colleagues, deep inside the forest, away from civilization, without electricity but with our own fire wood, a hot oven and heated discussions about the forests surrounding us. Our small group of 16 participants made sure, we could establish these quality talks we wished for.

We visited the community forest which belongs to the village nearby, compared it to the county’s forest and could easily distinguish the different goals and objections. Highlights were the 1978 built “Clusius nature trail” which explained the different functions of swamp forests and the 300-400 year old oaks at the game reserve.
Our objective was also to get to know our different cultures (France, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Austria but also Canada and the Philippines!) by sharing ideas and specialties. Thanks to the support of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, the participants were introduced into traditional Austrian cuisine and although it was very cold that weekend we convinced our new friends to come again next year to heat the fire again.


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