General Assembly 14th of May!

On the 14th of May the General Assembly (6pm in Schwackhöferhaus SR07) is taking place and you are invited to get involved!!

Did you always want to learn more about national and international forestry topics? Do you want to get involved in the work of an International Students Organization

Do you like to organize things and to meet new friends from all around the world? Then you should consider taking a position in the most fun NGO at BOKU 🙂 

 There are 6 different positions waiting to be taken over by motivated students – president, vice-president, secretary, vice-secretary, treasurer and vice-treasurer

Below you can find the descriptions of these positions as this-years board experienced them! As a board member you will work together in a team of new friends.You will learn a lot, get in contact with professionals and you will organize lot of funny things (such as hiking days, LC meetings, Bierpicknicks…)


As keeper of this position you are representing the LC and IFSA at your Faculty. You will have insights in every aspect of work the other board members are doing and you will support them.
It is on you to create continuity and to have an overview on all the important internal and external activities. As president you are responsible to stay in contact to IFSA world.
It is important to recognize new chances and to like making decisions!
As Vice-President your main task is the internal coordination of the local committee (LC), you are also the substitute for the President in case of his/her absence.You are the main contact person for Boku students and members for matters concerning IFSA at Boku. Some of your specific tasks are the organization of meetings,
the maintainence of contact to our members and interested people and to update our member list. This job requires reliability, organizational capability and good communication skills; your main partner on the board is the president. Depending on how you share/divide the tasks, you could also attend official meetings, for example with the department or rectorate at BOKU.
As secretary your job is to record in writing all important things which are discussed and make notes about the conclusions at our LC-meetings.
You should attend all meetings to keep the minutes and put them into the dropbox, so all members of the board can look them up and remember their duties and coming events.
Your task is also to organize the LC-Boku file, where you can find important correspondences, which should be printed as other basic information.As a secretary you get an overview of all the crazy things going on in the LC and help the board to stay organized!
Vice Secretary
The job of a vice-secretary is to write the documentation of the board meetings when the secretary is not available. For this you should stay in close contact with him/her.
The duties of a vice-secretary are also to organize the needed rooms for the LC meetings. For this you should be reliable and like to organize things.You will help everywhere help is needed.
I can recommend this job to those who are interested in getting part of IFSA, deeper their knowledge about IFSA and get experiences in the work of a NGO, team playing and in the end confidence in yourself.
You should like to work together with others for the final outcome, you should be interested in local and international forestry themes and be motivated in changing things as good as you can.
The Treasurer is responsible for all money-related matters. As treasurer you manage the
bank account and document the financial status of the local committee.
You are also
responsible for managing membership fees and in case of any special events participation
fees and sponsoring money.
Vice Treasurer
If you want to get an insight of what’s going on at the board and help out sometimes (not
only the treasurer but the whole board if help is needed) you should go for this position!
You don’t have to do so much at all but you can find out how the board is organized. This
position is ideal for new members who want to become actively involved.
 Apart from the board positions there are many possibilities how you can help the board, depending on what you like to do or can do best (design posters, update the homepage…).

 At the general Assembly,a progress report of the last year will be presented and the positions of the LC board will be discussed again before the elections.

 The “old” board will provide free Beer and snacks!

We are looking forward to see you there!




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