The winning team for Singapore carbon monitoring project!

ANRICA recently announced internship positions for students from the IFSA local committee at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna to take part in an IPCC compliant carbon monitoring and reporting project for the land use sector in Singapore (SINCA).

Over 30 interested students came to the presentation about SINCA to the IFSA LC on November 6th, and 20 students subsequently applied.

Unfortunately they could only choose three, and ANRICA announced that the internship positions will go to Katharina Albrich, Antonia Lindau, and Jasmin Zisch.

The project will begin on the 5th of January, with one student joining the reporting teams for 25 – 30 days. The final student will finish on the 22nd of May. Each team will consist of four to five members.
Aside from their duties as part of the carbon reporting project, the internship will offer the students the opportunity to experience South East Asia. Singapore is famous for its food and quality of life, and is a perfect place to explore the region from. The Chinese Year of the Goat begins on the 19th of February, and the celebration of the Chinese New Year will be a great experience for the students who are there. As such experiences should not go unreported, we will be posting regular updates from the students about the project, and their stay in Singapore.

Congratulations to Katharina, Antonia and Jasmin, and have fun in Singapore!

Pictured above: the ANRICA – SINCA team: from left to right: Dylan Goff, Antonia Lindau, Jasmin Zisch, Katharina Albrich.


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