New IFSA LC BOKU board elected!

A new board for IFSA LC BOKU was elected at our general assembly on May 24th 2017!

The members of the new board are:

President: Manuel Rakos

Vice President: Benjamin Stadler

Secretary: Erwin Moldaschl

Vice Secretary: Nina Bisko

Treasurer: Sebastian Zoglauer

Vice Treasurer: Anna Schrötter

We’d like to thank Alice Cosatti, who left the board after three years, for her dedication and work in the board! Thank you for your invaluable contributions to IFSA LC BOKU and we hope you can enjoy your IFSA LC BOKU in your retirement!


From left: Anna Schrötter, Manuel Rakos, Benjamin Stadler, Erwin Moldaschl, Sebastian Zoglauer & Nina Bisko


New IFSA LC BOKU Board elected!

We are happy to announce that a new Board of IFSA BOKU was elected at our very successful General Assembly on the 11th of May!

The new board consists of:

President: Manuel Rakos

Vice-President: Alice Cosatti

Secretary: Benjamin Stadler

Vice-Secretary: Erwin Moldaschl

Treasurer: Sebastian Zoglauer

Vice-Treasurer: Erik Kuschel

The old Board is thankful for a great year full of IFSA experiences in LC BOKU (or several years in some cases) and wishes the motivated new Board all the best for the next year!

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IFSA LC BOKU at Eurojack Timbersports in Langschlag


46 athletes from around the world were competing in different disciplines of timbersports.

We not only watched the fascinating competitions, but also went on a tour around the athletes’ camp guided by our Joint-Position Janice and got to meet some of the athletes in person!

Congratulations to Janice for winning the ladies competition!

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