Happy Easter Holidays!

See you at our next meeting on April 20th, 17:00 at Schwackhöferhaus SR 08!



International Events 2016- Auswahl der Teilnehmer am 29.1.2016

EventsWollt ihr heuer an einem der internationalen Events teilnehmen?

Es ist eine einzigartige Chance einen Einblick in die Forstwirtschaft anderer Länder zu bekommen und vor allem neue Freunde auf der ganzen Welt zu finden.

Dann kommt zu unserem Meeting und sichert euch euren Platz!

Neben dem Winter-Meeting in Slowenien Ende März , wird im Mai das SERM (Southern European Regional Meeting) in Italien stattfinden.

Leider gibt es für jedes Lokale Komitee (LC) nur 2 Plätze pro Event. Die Auswahl, wer fahren darf, wird intern beschlossen. Mitglieder, die noch nie bei internationalen Events teilnahmen, werden bei der Platzvergabe bevorzugt behandelt. Bitte beachtet, dass wir nur Anmeldungen von Mitgliedern akzeptieren können, die am 29.01. persönlich bei unserem Abschlussevent anwesend sind, oder ihre Bewerbung vorab an uns senden!


– Präsentationen und Infos über kommende internationale IFSA-Events im Jahr 2016
-Auswahl der Teilnehmer für Winter Meeting und SERM
– anschließender Ausklang in Brandauers Bierbögen


Do you want to attend one of the international Events this year?

The Winter Meeting in Slovenia and the SERM in Italy are unique opportunities to get an insight of forestry in foreign countries and meeting new friends! There are only two places per LC, therefore we have to decide a list for our LC.

Come to our meeting and secure your spot!


-Presentations and information about the upcoming events
-Selection of the participating members
-concluding the evening at Brandauers Bierbögen

IFSS 2015 Philippines – „Ensuring life for all“

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This year’s International Forstry Students’ Symposium (IFSS) took place in the Philippines from 28th July to 10th August 2015 and was organized by the Association of Filipino Forestry Students. The IFSS is the main international IFSA meeting where the General Assemblies take place and forestry students from all over the world come together. Five LC members from BOKU (Katharina Albrich, Alice Cosatti, Antonia Lindau, Manuel Rakos and Jasmin Zisch) had the opportunity to participate IFSS 2015 and present next year’s IFSS, hosted by Austria.

We were about 90 students from 24 different countries and it was for most of them the first IFSS. The symposium took place in Manila, where we had many lectures and presentations in the Senate of the Philippines and in Los Baños, at the campus of the University of the Philippines. We visited around Los Baños IRRI (International Rice Research Institute), went hiking on Makiling Mountain, visited the Makiling Botanical Garden, had many Jeepney rides (and stuck often in traffic), went mangrove planting and swimming on an island and some of us swam through a mangrove forest.

Also the very important General Assemblies, statute changes and workshops were held and gave an insight in IFSA’s international work and structure. We are also very proud to announce that three of our LC members have been elected for official positions: Katharina Albrich – Liason Officer for IUFRO, Alice Cosatti – Regional Representative Southern Europe and Jasmin Zisch – Head of Communication Commission. Congratulations!

Written by Alice Cosatti
Photos by Manuel Rakos