Some events LC BOKU has participated in or organised since its reactivation in 2011.


IFSS 2015 in The Philippines

APRM in Taiwan

Bierpicknick 2015

SERM in Rottenburg (Germany)

Winter Meeting 2015 in Slovenia


XXIV. IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City

IFSS 2014 in British Columbia (Canada)

IFSA Spurensuche – Animal Tracking Workshop

SERM in Romania

Winter Meeting 2014 Slovenia

Bierpicknick 2014


Wilderness Retreat/Waldhauswochenende 2013

IFSS 2013 in Spain

Bierpicknik 2013

SERM in Austria and Hungary

Winter Meeting in Slovenia



UNEP Mountain Day

“Forstwissenschaftliche Tagung” in Munich/Freising

IFSS 2012 in Turkey

Bierpicknick 2012

“Wald Wein Wachau” – cycling weekend

SERM in Switzerland

Winter Meeting in Slovenia

Visit to IUFRO and the Forestry Museum in Mariabrunn


44. Naturschutztag: Wald unter Druck?

Austrian Autumn Hiking

IFSS 2011 in Finland

Bierpicknick 2011

SERM in Bavaria


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