Upcoming Events

Here you can find a variety of forestry related events both external and organised by us which can be attended by members of IFSA BOKU.
For further information on registering processes and deadlines please check the linked webpages.
If you want to attend any of these events as a member of LC BOKU please talk to us at any of our meetings our contact us at ifsa.boku@gmail.com!

[IFSA international] Southern European Regional Meeting
Time: 16.05.-27.05.2016
Venue: Italy (Florence, Viterbo, Naples)

[IFSA international] Northern European Regional Meeting
Time: 06.06.-12.06.2016
Venue: Riga, Latvia

[intern] IFSA LC BOKU Bierpicknick
Time: 17.6.2016, 16:00
Venue: Türkenschanzpark

[IFSA International] International Forestry Students’ Symposium
Time: 07.08.-23.08.2016
Venue: Austria & Bavaria

We are also very proud to announce that Austria will be hosting the International Forestry Students’ Symposium 2016  (IFSS2016) the world’s biggest meeting of international forestry students from August 7th to 23rd 2016.


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